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Joanna Gaines Ethnicity And Networth


The D.O.C. Net Worth

The D.O.C. Net Worth
Tracy Lynn Curry is popular under his stage identify The D.O.C. This gifted hip hop performer has extremely lengthy breaks among collections. But he’s currently doing work on his 4th album named Voices through Hot Vessels. By 2015, The D.O.C. features a net worth of roughly $1.2 million. Let’s have a deeper look on his life tale.

His relationship life is also an appealing story. Well-known performer Erykah Badu is among his ex-girlfriends. Even they have a daughter Puma Curry. Having said that, the couple split up afterwards. The D.O.C.’s romance position isn’t acknowledged as of 2015.

The D.O.C. is generating a nice return lately. In 2014 he performed in the film We From Dallas and in 2015 was impersonated by Marlon Yates, Jr. in Straight Outta Compton. And he’s planning his brand new record Voices via Hot Vessels. His followers can’t be any more thrilled. I hope this record will also assist increase his decreasing net worth. Also like Eazy-E Net Worth